The ostritch, also spelled ostrich, is a large bird that is unable to fly.  This bird comes from Africa currently, but, was at one time found in the Middle East.  The species and genus of the ostrich is Struthio camelus.  These birds are in the same order with emu, kiwis, and other ratites.

The ostritch has a distinctive appearance, noted for it’s long legs and2851336880049266210wwyrxp_fs1 neck, as well as it’s colorful plummage.  The ostrich holds several records among birds as well:  It is the largest species of bird, and, also lays the largest egg of any bird.

As with other birds, the ostrich is mainly vegetarian, however, they also eat insects.  They live in flocks of five to 50 birds and are nomadic.  The ostrich has several means of protecting itself.  It has vicious kicks and can protect itself through force.  It can use those same long legs to run away from danger.  It can also lie flat on the ground and hide from danger.

Just as the ostritch is a peculiar bird, it also has peculiar mating habits amongst birds.  Unlike other birds that usually mate singlely per time, the male ostritch will form a harem of two to seven females.  The male will fight to gain and keep his harem.  Another animal that forms a harem is an elk, but, it is not found amongst birds.

There is much history between ostritches and people.  People have hunted them for centuries.  Now, people farm these big birds.  They are valued for their meat and leather.