Ostritch Leather Products

Ostrich leather was instantly popular in Europe and the United States where it was used for cowboy boots. During the 1980s, the demand for ostritch leather was extremely high in the United States. During this period, apartheid and other political turmoil caused some countries, the United States caused this political pressure to have economic sanctions and it was hard to import ostrich leather. When apartheid in Sbootsouth Africa ended in 1993, the South African government opened up the exportation of ostriches. Then, U.S. citizens began to import ostriches on their own. So, U.S. suppliers began to open up and were able to supply ostrich leather at lower prices than previously.

Ostrich leather is unique in appearance. It has raised points in the center of the hide, called the crown. This is the ostrich’s back hide where the animal’s neck meets its body. The bumps are the quill follicles. Only about a third of the skin has these quill bumps. The crown is the most desired portion but it constitutes only a small area of the skin. Then, these “full quill” products are quite expensive. This, combined the fact that ostrich is one of the strongest leathers, makes ostrich leather an expensive item.

Like with other leather products, fashion has driven the demand for ostrich leather. Ostrich leather handbags have been a luxury item for many years. Designers use the material in footwear. The most widely marketed product has been ostrich leather boots. The demand for ostrich boots is the higheset of any other ostrich leather product. Matching belts are another accessory and are often sold as a pair with boots. There are also other ostrich leather items like shoes, wallets, and jackets. These items usually are marketed from $500 to $5000. Handbags and jackets are also very high priced because of the amount of leather used.